Making Faces (collisions 2012)

Mask was Jacques LeCoq’s central tool, shifting theatrical hierarchy: placing actors in the role of authors....

This piece is the continuation of an experiment, conducted earlier this year, aimed at using the making of masks as metaphor for the devising experience. Working with a group of devising artists to construct two sets of masks—one personal, one collective— I explored the problems of ownership within a collaborative art form. Making Faces examines the role of mask within devised theatre, making mask construction the impetus for theatrical creation. I aim at exploring whether actors respond differently while working with their own masks than they do when working with those built collectively. I ask the question: how do we approach the personal within a collective experience? I am also interested in researching the role of mask within contemporary devising processes more broadly, examining how we approach the challenges of collective authorship.



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Devising Cast: Fleur Alexander, 

Ailin Conant, Dorie Kinnear, 

Jennifer Pearcy-Edwards, 

Shreekanth Rao, Saskia Solomons

Director: Will Pinchin
Mask Design: The Cast