Nobody's Home

Set in a bathroom, this fantastical adaptation recasts Odysseus as the modern war vet battling the monsters in his mind to get home to his wife Penny.  With off-the -wall characters and striking imagery, Grafted Cede and Theatre Témoin present an exploration of post-war trauma and the soldier’s journey home in this modern retelling of The Odyssey.

The Marked

As a boy, Jack lived in a world of angels and demons – both visible and invisible – who fed off the bravery and pains of children struggling to make their way in a world of damaged adults. Now grown, his life on the streets of London is less fantastical. But when a ghost from his past turns up, Jack must harness the power of forgotten myths to defeat her.

Making Faces

Mask was Jacques LeCoq’s central tool, shifting theatrical hierarchy: placing actors in the role of authors....

Mask-Making, Soul-Making

Mask-making, Soul-making: a mask-maker’s exploration of construction


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