The Marked

Devising Cast: Samuel Fogell,

Tom Stacy & Dorie Kinnear
Director: Ailin Conant
Associate Director: Will Pinchin
Mask Design: Grafted Cede Theatre
Designer: Zahra Mansouri
Sound Design: Filipe Gomes
Stage Manager: Ina Berggren
Creative Producer: Patrick Collier
Participation: Ciara Brennan


special thanks


Cardboard Citizens, St. Mungo’s Recovery College

As a boy, Jack lived in a world of angels and demons – both visible and invisible – who fed off the bravery and pains of children struggling to make their way in a world of damaged adults. Now grown, his life on the streets of London is less fantastical. But when a ghost from his past turns up, Jack must harness the power of forgotten myths to defeat her.


Grafted Cede and Theatre Témoin use mask, puppetry, and physical theatre to navigate a dark and imaginative world, inspired by real-life stories of children and adults with experience of homelessness.


The Marked is being developed alongside community consultants with experience of homelessness from St. Mungo’s Recovery College and Cardboard Citizens, who have participated in Mask Theatre workshops delivered with the generous support of Big Lottery’s Awards for All scheme.



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