Mask Making



Build your own masks...from scratch. All of our masks (yep, the ones we tour with) are made from paper mache, flour, and gesso... you probably already have most of the materials you need to build a professional looking mask, just sitting in your house. This workshop will teach you how.

Masks of Lecoq


Neutral mask.... Larval masks... Epressive, Commedia and clown.....

This workshop will examine the many faces of Jacques Lecoq!

Physical Theatre

What does a rubber band have to teach us about Hamlet’s soliloquies? Can we create a melodrama by observing an egg frying? Or write a comedy based upon the way a crumpled piece of paper expands? What IS physical theatre, anyways? This workshop will address all of these questions...and more.

Developing the Creative Actor


3 weeks of exploration into movement and mask, inspired by the city.
3 days of creating and devising new physical theatre;
concluding in a jam-packed night of…
3 minute student creations.